Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I May Or May Not Have Read Four Novels in Two and A Half Days....

Remember all that stuff I said I was going to post?

I "forgot"

(And by forgot I meant read an entire series and started another)


Don't worry. The series I finished (and started) isn't all out, so I "only" read three books. And then I got on here this morning to write a post...but instead I  read another book.

Yep. The whole thing.

Oops (again.)

Luckily there are over six books in this series, so it should take me a while to get through.


The long awaited posts!

One Month Anniversary 

Word Count (March 21) 

-Mary Kate-

Word Count As Of March 21, 2017

Three energy drinks, two cups of tea and a cup of coffee later:

Word Count This Week: 5,226
Total Word Count: 15, 753

Time Spent: Five hours and six minutes. (Also a half hour when I sat down to type but instead wrote a morbid poem about wolves and sinking ships, Storms and blood stained snow. *Wheee*

I wrote almost everyday this week, but only for about and hour or a half hour....

So there you have it!

-Mary Kate-

Sunday, March 19, 2017

One Month Anniversary


I cannot believe it has already been one month since I started this blog!

I thought it would amuse you if I told you some of my stats

  • Page views: 525
  •  (This isn't very amusing, because you can literally see it on the side of the page there, but fairly amusing to me, sooo) 
  • Audience:   
               United States: 462
               United Kingdom: 16
               Germany: 14
               Taiwan: 5
               Canada: 4
                Brazil: 2
               Finland: 2
               Japan: 2
               Austria: 1
               France: 1

Most Popular Post: 
Beautiful People: March  (58 Page views) 

Number of posts (total:) 18

Ta Da!


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Names and World Building: Week Four Report


I did a post on names {Here} and one on World Building {Here}

Zoe:  Her name means life, I think. Greek origin. I didn't choose her name based off any ironic meanings.To be honest I named her of Zoe Nightshade. (I know, I know. I have a dam problem*)

Nick: There was a list somewhere or other with the most popular names recently. I just chose his name off that list. I have no idea what his name means.

I have the other people's basic characteristics down, but most of them aren't named. The one other person I have named is Fay, the quiet woodland healer, and Zoe's friend. Fay means fairy, which I thought was a nice touch, given how close she is to nature and what not

And besides that, I haven't named anyone else. (Except for that random dude who will never appear in the story again.)
I did name Nick and Zoe's two horses, and their weapons.

Dawn and Dusk: Dawn is Zoe's and Dusk is Nick's. The two horses are twin dappled grays. They were bred by the same people and Nick and Zoe picked them out separately. They were already named. Despite being twins, Nick and Zoe can tell them apart. (Besides that fact that Dawn is a mare and Dusk is a gelding.) Dawn is a lighter color of grey, closer to white and her dark points are closer to black. Dusk's dappled are closer to brown. The brown is a reddish color in some spots. Dawn is calmer, (mainly because Zoe is a better rider...)

Vengeance, Insanity, Silence, Sadness: Zoe's daggers were named by me during my period of morning after I finished Heartless. Have you read it? If so, can you guess who the daggers are named after?

Chaos: Nick's sword. Nick's sword, like all the weapons belonging to the people in the currently nameless assassins group, is magic. I haven't decided how yet, but that's ok, since Zoe hasn't figured out how it works either. When I figure it out, then Zoe will discover it in the story (Now watch as I never figure it out and it's never mentioned in the first book. Then you'll all nod to yourselves. Yep. She never figured it out)

World Building:

I don't have time to explain the whole world to you, so basically it's a mixture of medieval life style, with some more modern views and resources, and fantasy animals, plants, and potions.

-Mary Kate-

*It's a dam Percy Jackson thing. You wouldn't understand

First Month Update

Week Four is almost over, Which means I need to write down what I learned from this week...
To be honest, instead of working on research I've actually been *Gasp* writing.

In fact, Monday night I sat down and wrote a whopping 2,000+ words.
In two hours.

Granted, I had both a energy drink and a coffee in those hours, but still. I've been trying to keep up the flow. Starting last Saturday, I started recording when I wrote, and how many words I wrote.
So, I think I'll share my word count next Saturday.

Sunday is the first month anniversary of my blog! Yay.
So I will be sharing this past months blog stats with you too.
(Don't worry, I won't be doing this every month.)

You know, if I don't want posts doubled up, I need to write my "Week Four" post today...

Which means I need to stop blathering and drinking tea and get cracking.

-Mary Kate-

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

World Building

World Building! Yay. This is almost as fun as character development. (If you don't like character development, then it's almost as fun as chocolate cake. If you don't like chocolate cake.....WHAT EVEN ARE YOU? WHO DOESN'T"T LIKE CHOCOLATE CAKE!)

Behold, the handy dandy list of...stuff.

  • Language 
  • Folklore
  • Dress
  • Food
  • Holidays and Festivals
  • Literature
  • Fine Arts
  • Family and Gender roles
  • Relation to Authority
  • Core Values
  • Biases
  • Body Language
  • Concept of Cleanliness
  • Manners
  • Approaches to Medicine and health
  • Humor
  • Beauty Values
  • Attitude toward school
  • Rules of Conduct
  • Concept of Justice
  • Pride
  • Competitiveness
  • Attitude about environment
  • Work ethic 
  • Expectation
  •  Family Life and Structure
  • Politics
  • Technology
  • History 
  • Origin Tales
  • Jobs/Professions 
  • Flora and Fauna
  • Geography 

You should probably also brain storm:

  • Where does the water come from and how is it distributed? Do they have water lines? Buckets? 
  • Who makes the food? Farmers? Creepy futuristic factories? 
  • Who transport and distributes the food? Are there groceries...village markets, etc.
  • Modern Utilities. Electric, running water, etc. Does everybody have them, or just the richer? Are they specially designed to work in that area (Example: Anti-magic coated stuff) 
  • What happens to the trash and sewage?
  • What building materials are available?
  • What do people do when they get sick?
  • What do people do in case of a natural disaster?
  • How are large objects moved?
  • What items require skilled labor to make? 

Remember, your answers might change depending on where you are in your world, and what social and economic level the people are.

I would also suggest answering ALL the questions. Even if you never use them in you story, it adds depth and personality to your world which will then show itself when you write.

Mary Kate

Monday, March 13, 2017


Yay! Research is  one of my favorite parts of writing, so there will probably be more posts then usual this week (Ha. Now watch as I completely forget about my blog until Friday) 

Today, I will be talking about names. 

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose 
By any other names would smell as sweet" 
Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet *

Yes, but you can't bloody well go around calling all your characters Rose. That would just be weird and REALLY confusing.

So don't.

But how do you find names for fictional characters?
The same way you find names for real people. Baby websites.

The best part is looking at the name definitions and giving your characters ironic names.

AND what about LAST names?
Well, you could try googling "last name generators" and use whatever comes up.
But do you know what I like?
Just go walk around the cemetery with a little note book.
(If anyone asks, just say "I'm a writer." Somehow that is always a valid excuse.)

Writing fantasy? (Cause fantasy is the best)
The sight I like to use is: http://www.fantasynamegenerators.com/

If you scroll all the way to the bottom, they have weapon names, character description generators, mythical animal names.
So go check that out.

How do you find character names? Drink a few gallons of chocolate milk until you're high on sugar and record whatever random gibberish you start saying and use that for names? What ever it is, tell me in the comments!

-Mary Kate-

*Please Note: While I do like Shakespeare, I DO NOT like Romeo and Juliet. Seriously, Romeo, it's a teenage crush. Get over it. Don't go kill yourself like a bloody drama queen. I'm looking at you too Juliet.