Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Character Review: Elvin Glen

And the final character in my character review is Elvin Glen!


Daily Scott Eastwood:

Talent or skill they are proud of:

Hogwarts house?


3 things that would make them loose their temper?

1. Kerra being stupid/reckless/annoying
2. I actually have no idea. He doesn't get mad a lot...
3. That one spot in Ch. 18...Kind of mad, kind of not

Favorite thing to drink?

Water? Milk? Ale? IDK

How do they like their coffee: 

Cream and sugar. A lot of sugar.

Any article of clothing that would be considered a trade mark?

Leather vest? A smile?

Weapon of choice?

Sword. It had a lighter make then Grant's. Kind of a mixture between fairy blades and a long sword.

Have they ever been seriously injured? How did they react?

He has never been seriously injured.

5 Quirks:
1. Says things to deliberately annoy Kerra
2. Or make her happy when she's dragging
3. Smiles and cracks joke a lot
4.  He has a fairy bred horse. (Which will only let fairies, or in Elvin's case the owner, ride it) So he offers rides on his horse, so he can watch people get kicked off
5. Likes pie

Are they easy to get along with?

He's easy to get along with, but he once threw an annoying kid in a river

Look at characters feet. What are they wearing?

Nondescript leather boots

Do they get nightmares?

No more then the usual person.

Do they have a temper?


Favorite food?

He doesn't have a favorite.

Just kidding. He likes anything sweet and sugary.

Favorite chocolate type?

White chocolate

Night Owl or Morning Person?

Morning Person

Do they say everything that pops into their head or do they leave things unsaid?

He can say what needs to be said, but he doesn't blurt things out.

One person they miss?

Well, I can tell you who it's going to be....

But I won't.

Wouldn't want to spoil it for you.

That wouldn't be very nice would it?

Oh! If you have any questions that you would like to ask about the characters, comment them below or email them to me. (You can find my email in the About Me page)
If they are not too spoilery, I will answer them in a post next Thursday.
( I will be answering this questions for ALL the characters.)

And to wrap this up, check out the poll on the side
Who was your favorite character? Who do you want to know more about?
Whoever has the most votes will be the subject of the July Beautiful People character questionnaire!

-Mary Kate

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Sunshine Blogger Award

I went from nothing but tags, to never doing tags.

I was tagged by Catherine at The Rebelling Muse all the way back at the beginning of the month and I am sorry that I never got around to posting this...whoops.

If anyone wants to do this tag, help yourself.

How did you come up with your blog name? 
Well, for those of you who don't know, this blog was originally called "Hen Scratch and Scribblings." (I don't really know why.) It was quickly changed to Sarcastic Scribblings. I don't really have an interesting story for HOW this name came to me.

What is your favorite WIP? (Work In Progress) 
I'm only working on one book right now, so that one. I have some other story ideas, but most of them are still in the beginning plotting stages, while this one is the one I've been giving all my attention to. (I only have 9 chapters left in the First Draft!)

Favorite hair color on a guy? 
IDK, bay? Overo?

Motto or favorite phrase? 
"Chin up princess, or the crown slips." is the first thing that comes to mind, but I don't really have "a favorite."

It's sunny outside. What would you be doing? 
It's Ohio. Its never sunny. It's just rain. IF it were sunny, I'd be sleeping in a sunbeam on the floor working away at my First Draft like a dedicated person.

If you had to pick one time period to travel to, which would it be? 
The future. 

Lets say you could pick any car to drive around forever. What would it be? (make, model, year)
I would probably get some sort of small car. In black, or dark grey. Possibly red. With a bit of the secret agent vibe. Or a British made car, so the steering wheel would be on the opposite side and I could scare people. 

What is your favorite vacation ever?
Vacation? What is this vacation of which you speak?

Do you get as red as a lobster or really tanned in the sun? 
I don't get red, but I still burn. (how is that fair?)

Favorite team sport? 
Horseback riding. (Hey, just because me teammate is a 1,000 lb animal who doesn't speak my language and is a drama queen.)

My favorite sport to watch it Basketball, since I watch it every spring with him. Other then that, I don't really care about most the typical sports (baseball, football, soccer, etc)

What would you pack if you were going on a picnic?  

I would bring a bow and a knife, hunt down a rabbit in the woods....


Also coffee.

And cucumber sandwiches to eat with coffee.

Non squishable fruit

If you want to do this tag, please help yourself!

Well, there you have it. My long overdue tag.

Or is it long overdue? What is the longest you've ever put off a tag?

-Mary Kate

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Character Review: Grant

See this Instagram photo by @ferrancalderon • 453 likes:

Grant is Ivy's mentor and the person who Kerra first meets in the story. And sorry, he doesn't have a last name right now, since when I was naming people I gave him and this other person the same last name...So I need to flip back through my notes, find Grant, Last Name, Option #2 and see what it is.

Talent or skill they are proud of: 
Sword fighting skill, his dedication over the years to ....well, I can't tell you to what.

Hogwarts house?

3 things that would make them loose their temper?
1. Kerra
2. People who have no respect for authority (also Kerra)
3. Reckless people (Kerra? You guessed it)

Favorite thing to drink?

How do they like their coffee? 
Cream, sugar and the biggest mug you can find. Repeat until there is no coffee.

Any article of clothing that would be considered a trade mark?
Scruffy boots, long sword.

Weapon of choice?
Long Sword. (It will probably have a dramatic name in the second draft, but nothing now.)

Have they ever been seriously injured? How did they react?
I wouldn't say seriously injured, but he's had his fair share of nicks, bumps and bruises. He handles it pretty well. Resigned and a little annoyed if he has to stay off his feet, but he'd still keep Ivy busy with her training.

5 Quirks:
1. When they get into camp, Grant starts a fire and starts cooking and Ivy sets up the tents.
2. Is annoyed when Kerra calls the High Commander by his first name (Protocol, Kerra. Protocol.)
3. Likes coffee
4. *resigned sigh*
5. Snores

Are they easy to get along with?
I'd say yes. (Unless they have no respect for authority.)

Look at characters feet. What are they wearing?
Scruffy leather boots. A bit worn, but they work.

Do they get nightmares?

Do they have a temper?
*laughing* I guess you could say that.

Favorite food?
Toasted buttery garlic bread.

Favorite chocolate type?
Dark chocolate.

Night Owl or Morning Person?
Morning Person. 

Do they say everything that pops into their head or do they leave things unsaid?
If he's really mad, it all comes out. But other then that, he can keep his mouth shut.

One person they miss?
His teammate because since he (or possibly she, I haven't decided) is out of work waiting for a broken leg to heal. Because of that, Grant has to help Kerra with this mission.

Mary Kate

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Guest Post by Indie Author Gray!

Today we have a guest post by Gray! I'll let her introduce herself, but if you want to know more about her or read more by her (and you do) check out her blog, Writing is Life. (Because it's cool)

Hello! I am Gray Marie Cox and I am a self-published author, better known as an indie author. And today I am here to talk about self-publishing.
I chose to self-publish because of three things,

1. I am only a teen

2. Since I'm a teen, I'm pretty broke…

3. It was more convenient.

At first even self-publishing seemed far, far away and I thought I would never publish anything.  But then after farther research I decided at the age of eleven that I would self-publish my novella into an e-book using Amazon. So I did that, and my family and friends bought it, I got eight reviews, and I basically thought I was the hottest thing, ever… Until I turned fourteen, re-read my novella, and did a face palm. After that I decided to self-publish using, since it also published paperbacks. And as a non-tech savvy girl going onto a self-publishing website I was super intimidated. Luckily, there were video tutorials that showed you how! Unfortunately, I didn't (and still don't), have the best memory, so I ended forgetting most of that video and I had to guess on a bunch of things… there were tears. But an hour later I finished and got an email basically saying my books were in the process of being printed. And that, was officially one of the best moments of my life.
About a week later, our car was pulling up to our gate and it was pouring rain, and then my heart literally stopped beating for a second, because I saw a box sitting out there soaked through. And yes, those were my books. Lulu didn't even put a plastic bag over my box, so it was soaked through. Fortunately, when I cut it opened and was getting ready to cry over my ruined soggy books, I realized that they put a plastic bag over the books inside the box, not outside. My books weren't even cold. And that was officially one of the best moments of my life.
I guess what you can take for my experience is that publishing is not all sunshine and roses, but it's not that, that hard. I only spent fifty dollars publishing, but publishing was free, it was the ordering of the copies that cost money, and I ordered around twenty, soo...yeah!

I would encourage anyone to self-publish, because it's a really great experience, and you get the trill of holding your own book, and that's pretty awesome.   

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Character Review: Kerra Elwood

So, the time has come to learn about the MC of my WIP, Kerra Elwood!

I'm Etta Monroe. 16 years old. Very sarcastic, sassy, and I'm not here to be friends. I was kidnapped by PHASE because of my powers, so basically I'm brand new. My powers are quite strange. I can manipulate anything to my will, whether it be physical, inanimate, or mental. Nothing and no one can resist, so they took me in. All I have to do is make eye-contact/ look at the object for my powers to work.:
Description: Kerra actually has blonde hair for the first half of the book, but her natural hair color is dark brown. She dyes her hair back to her normally color half way through.

Talent or skill she is proud of:
The skill to kill people. The fact that she is super  creepy.
I think she is most proud of how creepily quiet she is and her dagger fighting skills.

Hogwarts house?
She is most diffidently a Slytherin. Cunning is key.

3 things that would make her loose her temper?
People nosing into their past
People being sympathetic
People who don't know anything about her past, and think the total opposite happened.

Favorite thing to drink?
This flowery- nectar drink thing that can only be found in "The Other Land." (Aka, Fairy World)

How does she like her coffee?
Just sugar.

Any article of clothing that would be considered a trade mark?
I don't know about her clothes, but she has four daggers. (You people who have been her longer probably know about these daggers. I recycled them from another trashed story idea.)
Two boot knives, Silence and Misery and two long fighting daggers, Vengeance and Insanity.

For those of you who haven't been reading the blog for all of its short existence, these daggers were named after four people in Marissa Meyer's book Heartless. Comment below if you know who these people are!

Weapon of choice?
See above.

Have she ever been seriously injured? How did she react?
It was while she were fighting one time. She just kept going until she dropped and one of her friends pulled her out.

5 Quirks:
1. Can't sleep. EVER
2. Loves the stars/night sky
3. Mumbles under her breath in Wood Fairy language
4. Hunts deer and wild rabbits....on foot with her daggers
5. Creepily quiet feet

Is she easy to get along with?
She CAN be, I guess...

Look at characters feet. What are they wearing?

Light brown deer skin boots.

Does she get nightmares?

Does she have a temper?
No, not really. She had pretty good control over her emotions.

Favorite food?
Some food from "Other Kingdom."

Favorite chocolate type?
Peppermint Bark

Night Owl or Morning Person?
Both? But she is more of a Night Owl then she is a Morning Person.

Does she say everything that pops into their head or does she leave things unsaid?
She leaves things unsaid

One person she misses?


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Beautiful People: June

It's time for Beautiful People again!

And since I'm in the middle of doing Character Reviews, I decided to make this week Kerra Week.
(Which basically just means that I'm doing BP about Kerra and my other people review on Thursday  will be about Kerra.)

And since that seems kind of pathetic, I am also doing a poll!

(*sarcastic wheee*)

You can find the poll to your right.
How do you peoples like the MC's name? Do you think it would it be better spelled Kerra or Keira?

 (It's pronounced Kear-a)

(And by better I mean aesthetically pleasing)

Anyway, back to Beautiful People.

This Character Questionnaire is a blog link up hosted by Sky at Further Up and Further In and Cait at Paper Fury. You can find the link to the post HERE.
The link up is open all month.

What's their favorite place they've ever visited? 

The Ashen Mountains on the kingdoms western coast. Not many people live in them, because legend says they are haunted and fairies frolic there.

What's one mistake they made that they learned from?

One time when she was traveling, she trusted the person she was traveling with to watch the trails as they rode during his watch. He slacked off and they were ambushed. She learned not to trust other people to do their work or at least not to rely on them.

What is their favorite subject in school? Or their favorite thing to learn about?

Assassin-y skills that involve stealth, or agility.

Favorite flower or growing thing? 

This one random mountain flower that grows in the Ashen Mountains.

Have they ever made someone cry? What happened? 

She kind of sacrificed herself for them...

Would you consider them a reliable or unreliable narrator? 

What do they dream about at night?
Either nightmares or pleasant dreams of what she could have. (which actually make her feel worse, because she knows they can't ever happen.)

They've gone out for a "special meal." What do they get? 

Fire roasted hare. Or some random Fairy meal. (which sadly they don't make in "The Mortal Lands.") 

What's at least one thing they want to do before they die?

Go back to her home in the Ashen Mountains and spend her time running through the pine trees and hunting. Restart her life.

Do they have any distinguishing or unique talents? 

She is lighter in her feet then most people and very flexible.

Ta da!

Be sure to hop over to the poll on the side and cast your vote!


Thursday, June 1, 2017

Character Review: Ivy Farren

I  haven't posted anything about my writing in a while, because I basically went overboard with the blogging tags.


That was because I have been working really hard on my first draft, and all the rest of my time is dedicated to school. And it was just so much easier to answer some questions then to think of and write out an entire post.

But I reached the half way point in my first draft, so guess what you guys all get?
(Hint: Look at the title) 

There aren't a whole lot of characters right now, because they are kind of traveling across the kingdom....for reasons.

Ultimately, there are four people I would call main characters. (Actually more like two)
But these four are the ones that you see the most of in the story, Everyone else just kind of counts as background characters.

The fourth one only just joined the story a little less then halfway, but Ivy and Grant have been there since the very beginning.


Ivy Farren:

My name is Thalia More. I live in district 7. I'm 13 years old, and do not like to be underestimated. I work in the woods with my father 6 days a week. The rest of my family is dead.:
(Ivy inspiration)

Ivy is apprenticed to Grant. She is fifteen now, about to turn sixteen. She's been apprenticed since the previous fall. (The story begins in early spring, before the roses bloom.)

Talent or skill they are proud of: 
Archery. Healing.

Hogwarts house?
Hufflepuff. She loves to learn and is constantly asking questions, but I think her bright bubbly personality and the fact that she is fiercely loyal to her friends means she should be put in Huffpuff. (Not to be ironic or anything...but her horse's name in Badger.)

Introvert or Extrovert? 

3 things that would make them loose their temper?
1. Insults to their friends
2. Bad food
3. Rude people, bullies

Favorite thing to drink?
I don't know...Juice?

How do they like their coffee? 
Probably a latte with cinnamon,

Any article of clothing that would be considered a trade mark?
She wears a griffin feather in her hair. She gets it in the beginning of the book and wears it ALL the time.

Weapon of choice?
Bow. She is also being trained with the sword, but doesn't like it much.

Have they ever been seriously injured? How did they react?
No, but she has been around a lot of cuts. And she likes healing people.

5 Quirks:

  1. Always asking questions about anything that comes to mind. (Much to the annoyance of her mentor) 
  2. Can get grumpy about poor traveling conditions and bad food. 
  3. Is reluctant to leave her blanket cocoon in the morning
  4.  Talks to friends if she sees them somewhere. Talks to coworkers. Talks to strangers. TALKS TO ALL THE PEOPLE!
  5. Cracks jokes under her breath

Are they easy to get along with?
Yes. (If they're not grumbling because of lack of sleep and old bread.

Look at characters feet. What are they wearing?
Brown boots. Has little pink flowers embroidered along the top.

Do they get nightmares?

Do they have a temper?

Favorite food?
Chocolate cake.

Scratch that. Any cake.


Favorite chocolate type?
Milk. Milk with almonds or maybe little fruit chunks.

Night Owl or Morning Person?
Not really either. She doesn't like getting up in the morning, but will stay up at night if she was allowed.

Do they say everything that pops into their head or do they leave things unsaid?
Does she blurt out uncomfortable things? No.
Basically everything else though.

One person they miss?
She just started her apprenticeship that year, so she still misses her family. (She gets to go visit them once and awhile, so don't worry.)

So what do you think of my spunky apprentice?


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Pros and Cons of Writing a Book

Pro: You are writing a book! And books are awesome.

Con: People asks you what your book is about and you have to decide between two options.
Ignore them or awkwardly mumble until they go away OR Open your mouth, start explaining and my, my! Look at the time. You've been ranting and fangirling about your book for 75 years and that person who interrupted you is now a skeleton leaning against the wall.


Pro: Look at you. Creating characters out of thin air! (Or out of ten straight cups of coffee.)

Con: What? Wait? Come back. Bad characters, bad. Why can't you just LISTEN? I CREATED YOU. Now BEHAVE!

Pro: Look at me! I'm typing! I'm doing it.

Con: Ok, I'm actually on Pinterest

Pro: Learning about new things as you research for your story

Con: Two words. Search Engine. Do things like "How long does it take for a dead body to decompose" "Poisons" "Baby names" come up

Pro: You can literally use the excuse "I'm a writer for anything"

       Why are you walking around a graveyard?

       I'm a writer

      Why are you buying so much coffee?

      I'm a writer
      Whats with your search engine?

      I'm a writer.

      Why is there a dead body in your....


You see?

Con: Actually doesn't work on that last one (No, I don't know that from experience.)

Pro: You can write whatever you want. There is nobody telling what to write or how to write it

Con: People asking you what your book is about and trying to tell them in a way that will
 A.) Sound intelligent and actually convey a little of what you are working on
B.) Not scare them away by casually saying. "Oh, assassins who will kill you and then go have a cup of tea because death means that little to them.......Hey wait. Don't run away. They're cool, I swear!"

Pro:  You can start a blog and make posts about your WIP instead of actually writing it

-Mary Kate-

Thursday, May 25, 2017


Meanwhile, In Rivendell is hosting a Robin Hood Blogger Party!

(You can find the information here)

And if you're too lazy to go check that out, here are some details:

  • This party will be held the 23-28 of May (so all you bloggers can just go whip out a post right now, ok?)
  • It can be basically anything: Character posts, reviews, rants, games, whatever.
  • Go back to this post and put your link up. 

Ready for my Robin Hood Post? 


I am a huge fan of both BBC's Robin Hood TV Show and Disney's Animated Robin Hood. And they both have some pretty amazing characters, so I'm going to go through a pick some of my favorites.

All time favorite Sheriff of Nottingham?

Would you like a clue?

 Image result for BBC ROBIN HOOD a clue no

Yep. That's right. The Sheriff of Nottingham from BBC's TV Show!!!

Image result for BBC ROBIN HOOD a clue no

My all time favorite Little John: 

Related image

Yep. The ever lovable Little John  from Disney's animated film, 
Some of my favorite quotes:
"Who's driving this flying umbrella? 

All time favorite Maid Marian? 

Image result for BBC ROBIN HOOD
That's right. The Night Watchman herself! 

Image result for bbc robin hood marian

She is just so cool. 

My all time favorite Robin Hood? 

Hmmm. Close match between the Robin from Disney's animated Robin Hood and BBC's TV Show: 

Image result for BBC ROBIN HOOD robin

Image result for robin hood disney

Related image


So many choices. 

Favorite Character from Disney's Robin Hood: 
(That's NOT in the BBC Robin Hood) 

Madame Cluck

Image result for robin hood disney madam cluck

"Seize the Fat One!" 

 Favorite Character from BBC's Robin Hood: 
(That's not in the Disney Robin Hood) 

"Not to be funny, but............"

Allen of Dale

Image result for BBC ROBIN HOOD robin


Have you seen the BBC Robin Hood?
What is your favorite Robin Hood Movie?

-Mary Kate-


Image result for BBC ROBIN HOOD funny

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

10 Reading Suggestions for the Summer

This post was inspired by The Broke and the Bookish's writing link up "Top Ten Tuesday." 

Summer Book Suggestions.

1. The Gallagher Girl Series.
A light easy series (well, except for the last two books.) Equal amounts teenage girl stuff and spy stuff. I highly suggest you read the first two books, possibly the third. (I mean, they're all good, but these are my light fluffy relaxing book suggestions. And they last three are...not)
                 1. I'd Tell You That I Love You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You
                 2. Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy
                 3. Don't Judge A Girl By Her Cover

2. The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer
This book has the interesting parts of Sci Fi (Spaceships, fiery pilot girls, SPACE, cool tech, and evil plots to take over the universe) but at the same time, has the voice and feel of a fairy tale rewrite. (Which it is)
Marissa Meyer has an amazing way of blending together old stories and new ones. And...there are so many ships. Literal ships, as in awesome space ships, and OTP ships. I am almost certain you will walk out of here with at least ONE true OTP, if not more. The books:
                          1. Cinder
                          2. Scarlet
                          3. Cress
                          4. Winter

3. Heartless by Marissa Meyer
The Queen of Hearts before she became the Queen of Hearts. Fairy tale rewrite of Alice in Wonderland. Read this book if you want a good cry. (And I don't mean 'good' cry. I mean ugly cry.)

***Please Note: If you read a Marissa Meyer book you will be emotionally unstable around random vegetables such as tomatoes and pumpkins. Proceed with caution***

4. And I highly suggest you try reading a classic.
And I suggest The Twelfth Night, a Shakespearean play. Make sure you read a children's version or something before so that you can understand what's going on (the wording can be a little weird) DO NOT READ ROMEO AND JULIET. I mean, come on. don't we have enough teenage drama as it is? It's just a crush, Romeo. Chill.

5. Ranger's Apprentice Series 
Want to be hooked on coffee drinking? Look no further then the Ranger's Apprentice.
John Flanagan, the author, has a bit of an amateur writing style, in my opinion, but that did not stop me from immersing myself in this story, getting emotionally attached to the characters, and finishing the entire series in a week.
There are two spin off series, The Brother Band Chronicles, and Ranger's Apprentice: The Early Years (Which is about young Halt!!!)

(Oh, and Crowley. Him too)

And, you have to read Bk. 7 before Bk 5, but after Bk 4. 'K?

1. Ruins of Gorlan
2. Burning Bridge
3. Icebound land
4. Battle for Skandia
7. Erak's Ransom
5. Sorcerer of the North
6. Siege of Macindaw
8. King's of Clonmel
9. Halt's Peril
10. Emperor on Nihon-ja
11. The Lost Stories
12. The Royal Ranger

If you want to look into the other series, I'll name the first book. But other then that, you're on your own because I am lazy.

Ranger's Apprentice: Early Years: Tournament at Gorlan
Brother Band Chronicles: Outcasts

6. Whatever that book is that you've been telling yourself you'll read. 
Go get it. Read it.

Go. Fulfill your dreams

7. An old favorite that you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

(With three capital LOVEs, mind you. Nothing less)

8. Something in a genre you don't normally read
Bonus points if it's a genre you've never even heard of before!!!

9. Ask someone for a book suggestion
Like, to a living person. To their face. As your friend, or some random person off the street. (If this leads to an interesting story, please tell me.)

10. Pick something just for the cover. 


So there you go.

Let me know at the end of the summer what you read.

-Mary Kate-

Sunday, May 21, 2017

And Another Tag

I really need to stop doing this.

But I like tags...

The particular tag, which I snagged off of Ilse The Imanginer, is called The A-Z Book Tag.

Author You've Read The Most From: 
I think I already answered this question in another tag, but the author I've read the most of THIS year is: Marissa Meyer
Best Sequel Ever:
This has to go to Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy, the second book in Ally Carter's the Gallagher Girl Series.

Currently Reading: 
Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Drink of Choice While Reading:
Tea. I love coffee, but that's more of a "while you work" kind of drink. Tea is the best for when you just want to sink into the story.

E-reader or Physical Book:
Always the physical book. It smells good and I love the sound of the pages turning.

Fictional Character You Probably Would Have Dated in High School:
Well, I'm in HS now and I haven't been on a date (and probably won't date until college, 'cause who needs all that drama?) But...what type of person would I have dated, if I dated somebody?
I think I would have ended up with either,
A.) Some extroverted person who hung out in my social circles (aka the people my friends talk to while I stand there, planning my escape) and started talking to me or talking to me while I sit near my friends and reading a book.
B.) Another introvert, maybe an INTJ, who was also standing there and then we'd get into a discussion about how small talk is stupid, la de dah.
Soooo either somebody who how is happy and bubbly and will make me do stuff, or somebody who will sit back and make snide comments about people with me or discuss whatever thing I happen to be over analyzing at the time.
I'm not really sure who that would be.

(So comment below and tell me who you think the A could be and how the B. character could be.)

Glad You Gave This Book A Chance:

I was going to say Sylvester or the Wicked Uncle by Georgette Heyer, but honestly. I'm getting really tired of typing that out all the time, so the Skulduggery Pleasant Series.

Hidden Gem Book:

What does that even mean? You mean an awesome book that isn't uber popular or....

Important Moment In Your Reading Life

Like, as in my life so far since I started reading or as in my reading life right now?
Like, one could be when I started reading literally everything in the house, (which is a lot) or when I pick out a new book, sit down and start reading it.

Just Finished:
Make Your Bed, by Admiral William McRaven.
It's actually a speech that ex-navy seal McRaven gave to the graduating class of Texas something or other, so its more of a short booklet. But I liked it.

Kind of Book You Won't Read:

I'll read basically anything.
Unless it's on fire.
Probably won't read a flaming book.

Major Book Hangover:
My two biggest book hangovers this year were from Heartless by Marissa Meyer, and the Throne of Glass Series by Sara J Maas.
 I coped with Heartless by naming some weapons after them (If you've read the book, then I assume you can guess who the daggers Insanity, Vengeance, Misery, and Silence are named after.)
I coped with TOG with a intense round on the heavy bag. (And yes, I imagined it was...HER face.)

Number of Bookcases You Own: 
I don't actually own that many bookcases. Or books. (Not personally anyway.) So one.

One Book You've Read Many Times:
I've read so many books so many times. The Ranger's Apprentice series, the Gallagher Girls series, the Percy Jackson series....

Preferred Place To Read:
It changed by the seasons. Either the recliner, my bed, by the fire (yes, we have a wood fire place. Be jealous.) or in a sunbeam (Yes. I am actually a cat)

Quote That Inspires You, Gives You All The Feels, etc.

"To Whatever End"-Tog

"We're staying together. I'm not letting you get away from me. Never again"
"As long as we're together." -Mark of Athena

"Will! Stay alive! Don't give up! I will find you wherever they take you!" -Ranger's Apprentice

(Need to go cry? Ok. I'll wait a moment.)

Reading Regret:

I regret nothing!

Series You Started And Need to Finish:

Skulduggery Pleasant Series by Derek Landy. I was reading it and then..well basically, the books weren't sitting right there and I got busy with school and my novel... So I need to pick up the last three books and finish.

Three of Your All Time Favorite Books:

Cross My Heart and Hope To Spy- Second Book of Ally Carter's Gallagher Girls series

Unapologetic Fangirl for:

Excuse me? I'm not apologizing to anyone because I like something. Whatever books I'm reading or TV shows I'm watching isn't hurting you and just...YESH!

Unapologetic everything.

Very Excited For This Release:

Ship of the Dead, by Rick Riordan. (PERCABETH!)

(I also just realized, all you Malex shippers out there...they are both dead. It is the ship of the dead.)

Worst Book Habit:
I have to moods. "READ EVERYTHING" and "Meh. I'll read later....maybe"
In the later one, I neglect my books for school and writing. In the former, I neglect my school and writing in favor of my books. I either read and read and read or I don't pick up a book for months.

X Marks The Spot! Start at the top of your shelf, and pick the 27th Book: 
The Princess Academy by Shannon Hale.

Your Last Book Purchase:
I honestly cannot remember the last book I bought for myself. I normally read library books or whatever my family and friends have.

ZZZ Snatcher-Last Book You Stayed Up Late to Read:
Sylvester or The Wicked Uncle by Georgette Heyer.
I used to stay up late reading, but lately most of my writing time had been at night. So I haven't stayed up reading, because I just kind of put everything aside and write once everyone else goes to bed....

Ok. That's it! I wrote down all the questions and stuck them below (if you want to do this tag, just copy and paste. I mean you can write them all down if you want to...)

Obviously. you're all tagged.

Sorry (not sorry) the answer to F. was really long. I had to stop and consider and then I ended up being a totally INTJ and just over analyzing the whole question...


-Mary Kate-

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Author You've Read The Most From: 
Best Sequel Ever:
Currently Reading: 
Drink of Choice While Reading:
E-reader or Physical Book:
Fictional Character You Probably Would Have Dated in High School:
Glad You Gave This Book A Chance
Hidden Gem Book
Important Moment In Your Reading Life
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Kind of Book You Won't Read
Major Book Hangover
Number of Bookcases You Own
One Book You've Read Many Times
Preferred Place To Read 
Quote That Inspires You, Gives You All The Feels, etc.
Reading Regret
Series You Started And Need to Finish 
Three of Your All Time Favorite Books
Unapologetic Fangirl for: 
Very Excited For This Release
Worst Book Habit:
X Marks The Spot! Start at the top of your shelf, and pick the 27th Book: 
Your Last Book Purchase
ZZZ Snatcher-Last Book You Stayed Up Late to Read